Our Values

Our Group values have been voted for by our employees, embedded in our culture and reflected in the way we treat our customers.



Approaching work with a creative mindset and a passion to do things differently.

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Our Group values are voted for by our staff, embedded in our culture and reflected in the way we treat our customers.


Fair & Transparent

Building an honest, open, and respectful environment where a consistent approach is adopted.

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Developing an environment of harmony and equality where best practices and ideas are shared.

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Striving for success through a culture of continuous improvement.

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Demonstrating expertise and curiosity in an environment that nurtures employee development.

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Supporting the environment

We actively promote responsibility for the environment within the organisation and aim to promote good governance in sustainability initiatives as well as dealing with aspects of poor practice.

We will assess the environmental impacts of our operations and set objectives and targets in order to improve our environmental performance through our Green Team. Our Vavista brand Plant a Tree initiative for policy holders has been extended to cover our staff. We work with Offset Earth to plant trees to cover the in-office carbon footprint of our Vavista staff every year.

In partnership with Eden Reforestation Project


Trees planted with Vavista


Tonnes of staff CO2 offset


Days of work created

Planted as of September 2021

Supporting charities

The Group actively encourages fund raising through a Charity and Social Committee which is responsible for running the non-profit initiatives across the Group. The Charity and Social Committee is made up of staff volunteers and charities to support are voted for by the staff and include local and national charities.

This year we held a Charity Poll with this years winning Group charity being Mind – For better mental health. In addition to our Group fundraising, we have a dedicated team at each location raising money and planning social events for your area.

BristolMacMillan Cancer Support
NewcastleThe Charlie & Carter Foundation

Supporting staff wellbeing

We support and encourage an ethical mindset based on ‘doing the right thing’ borne out of clear and embedded company values. This includes protection of the health and safety of our employees and a dedication to protecting human rights and equal opportunity.

Bristol and Newcastle social committee