At Somerset Bridge Group, we are enthusiastic about what we do; see our blog entries below for details on how we engage with our employees, customers, and the Group.

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Embracing Inclusiveness

Somerset Bridge has a commitment to our customers, our community, our environment and our people. As part of our ongoing commitments to our emplyees we aim to create a successful working environment for all, embracing diversity in its widest sense.

In this spirit we are committed to the following initiatives in 2022 w...

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Our Committees and Steering Groups

SBG has multiple committees covering all locations, the committees purpose is to achieve effective employee representation from across the Group, through which contributions from employees can be gathered, monitored and implemented.

All of our committees are made up of employees who have been nominated by their peers ...

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Company Values

Our company values and definitions have been created by our staff through workshops which ensure that all employees understand the positive value they contribute to our working environment and what impact this could have on our customers.

Our values are the lifeblood of our business and help to define the type of plac...

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Mental Health

At Somerset Bridge we believe that actively supporting positive mental health is an essential component to an inclusive culture and builds strong foundations for business success through nurturing the wellbeing of our people.

We are committed to developing our current resources & tools and creating a Mental Health...

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Investors In People

As part of the strategic initiative to attract and retain talent, the business is aiming to achieve an Investors In People (IIP) accreditation in 2022.

Working towards gaining this accreditation will enable us to understand our performance at leading, supporting and improving our people in comparison with other compan...

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